Title Author Year Link
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Maria Lyons (Eds.)
2016 Click Here
Understanding and Applying the Fourfold Approach to the Human Being (Camphill School Aberdeen) Annelies Bruell (Ed.) 2015 PDF-Logo
Discovering Camphill: New Perspectives, Research and Developments (Edinburgh: Floris Books) Robin Jackson (Ed.) 2011 Click Here
Shared Lives: Building relationships and community with people who have intellectual disabilities (Rotterdam: Sense Publishing) Roy McConkey
John Dunne
Nick Blitz
2009 Click Here
Dr Karl Konig and the Camphill Community in Refugee Organizations in Britain 1933-1945 (New York: Radopi) J.M. Ritchie 2008 Click Here
Rethinking Residential Child Care: Positive perspectives (Bristol: The Policy Press) Mark Smith 2009 Click Here
Touching the World: Christian communities transforming society (Minnesota: Liturgical Press) Dan McKanan 2007 Click Here
Spiritual healing with children with special needs (Thornbury: Camphill Community School) Bob Woodward 2007 Click Here
Beyond Loneliness and Institutions: Communes for extraordinary people (Oslo: Norwegian University Press) Nils Christie 2007 Click Here
Holistic Special Education: Camphill Principles and Practice (Edinburgh: Floris Books) Robin Jackson (Ed.) 2006 Click Here
Spiritual Well-being of Adults with Down Syndrome (Down Syndrome Issues & Information) (Southsea: Down Syndrome Educational Trust) Michael Crompton
Robin Jackson
2004 Click Here
Autism: a holistic approach (Edinburgh: Floris Books) Bob Woodward
Marga Hogenboom
2007 Click Here
Living with Genetic Syndromes associated with Intellectual Disability (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers) Marga Hogenboom 1999 Click Here
Beyond Fear: Vision, Hope and Generosity (Edinburgh: St. Andrew Press) A.R. Morton (Ed.) 1998 Click Here
Bound to Care: An Anthology: Family Experiences of Mental Handicap (Dundee: RESCARE) Robin Jackson (Ed.) 1996 PDF-Logo
Education for Special Needs: Principles and practice in Camphill Schools (Edinburgh: Floris Books) Henning Hansmann 1992 Click Here
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1992 Click Here
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1998 Click Here
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