Articles and Discussion Papers

Title Author Year Link
10 Good Reasons Why We Should All Live in Intentional Communities (and a few reasons why we don’t) Andrew Plant 2017 PDF-Logo
Colour Light Therapy: Depression  Georg Schad 2016  PDF-Logo
Research and the Camphill Movement: an overview of developments in the English-speaking world  Maria Lyons 2015  PDF-Logo
Living with Intention  Maria Lyons 2015  PDF-Logo
Colour Light Therapy: An Introduction Georg Schad 2015 PDF-Logo
 Another 2014 Battlefield  Michael Luxford 2014 PDF-Logo
Developmental Dilemmas: Intentional communities and the differing responses to change Andrew Plant 2014 PDF-Logo
A Celebration of the BA Social Pedagogy Various authors 2014 PDF-Logo
Hoping for a Camphill Community in Korea! Eunyoung Kim 2014 PDF-Logo
Camphill, Community and Research: an insider-outsider perspective Maria Lyons 2014 PDF-Logo
Regulation: The unintentional destruction of intentional communities Bob Rhodes
Richard Davis
2014 PDF-Logo
Cohousing: A model for Camphill? Andrew Plant 2013 PDF-Logo
The Paradoxes of Community Andrew Plant 2013 PDF-Logo
Oh no! Not another article on Camphill and change Noel Bruder 2013 PDF-Logo
Yangpyoung Steiner School: a seed sown for the Camphill movement in Korea Eunyoung Kim 2011 PDF-Logo
Esoteric Community Building in Camphill Communities Andrew Plant 2009 PDF-Logo
Spiral Dynamics and Camphill Development Jon Freeman 2008 PDF-Logo
Camphill: The Moravian Dimension Robin Jackson 2008 PDF-Logo
Camphill: An anachronism in modern Ireland? Noel Bruder 2007 PDF-Logo
The origins of Camphill: The Haughtons of Williamston: Part 2 Robin Jackson 2006 PDF-Logo
The origins of Camphill: The Haughtons of Williamston: Part 1 Robin Jackson 2005 PDF-Logo
Camphill Pioneers: Friendly Enemy Aliens! Robin Jackson 2004 PDF-Logo
The changing relationship between content and teaching styles in the process of developing the BA in Curative Education Angelika Monteux 2002 PDF-Logo
A Dialogue about Responding to the Issues Facing People with Developmental Disabilities Kay Sherman 2001 PDF-Logo
Establishing and Incorporating Renewable Energy Technologies in Camphill Communities: A Personal Journey Martin Sturm PDF-Logo
The Intentional Community as a continuing response to the holocaust: The life of Peter Bergel and the Camphill Communities Alan Potter PDF-Logo