PhD and MA Dissertations

United Kingdom 

Title Author Year Link
“A lot of it is too subtle to actually demonstrate”: a study of social pedagogy skills with Camphill practitioners who work with young people (MRes thesis, University of Aberdeen) John Ralph 2014 PDF-Logo
Playing with Fire: Using a drama production to facilitate the development of young adults with complex needs (MA thesis, Rudolf Steiner University College) Mike Chase 2014 PDF-Logo
The Road to Nowhere? A critical case study of the political discourses in the debates around the decision to construct a bypass road around Aberdeen (PhD thesis, Robert Gordon University) Nicola Furrie 2014 Click Here
The House Camphill Built: Identity, Self and Other (PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh) Miriam Snellgrove 2013 PDF-Logo
Psychological Contract and Intentional Communities (MA thesis, Dublin City University) Brigitta O’Conner 2013 PDF-Logo
Valuing Camphill (MA thesis, Dublin City University) Noel Bruder 2012 PDF-Logo
The Crisis in Education and Man’s Truncated Existence (PhD thesis, University of Kent) Maria Lyons 2011 PDF-Logo
Camphill: Understanding children and childhood (MA thesis, University of Strathclyde) Chris Walter 2010 PDF-Logo
In the Nearness of our Striving: Camphill Communities Re-Imagining Disability and Society (BA thesis, Brown University) Zoë Brennan-Krohn 2009 PDF-Logo
Camphill – An Island of Promise: Myth or Reality? (MA thesis, University of Strathclyde) Manuela Costa 2008 PDF-Logo
Personal and Professional Development in the Context of Anthroposophical Curative Education as Practiced in Camphill Community Angelika Monteux 2003 PDF-Logo
How can I assess qualities rather than isolated skills (in the context of the BA in Curative Education)? Angelika Monteux 2003 PDF-Logo
The Social Organisation of Everyday Therapeutic Work: Making the backstage visible in a Camphill Rudolf Steiner Therapeutic Community (PhD thesis, Aberdeen University) Neil McKeganey 1983 Click Here

North America 

Title Author Year Link
Sustainability Reporting for the Common Good: Case study of Camphill Special School (BA thesis, Lahti University of Applied Sciences) Sebastian Boele 2015 PDF-Logo
Snakes and Ladders: Emergence of Deep Power in Transformational Change (PhD thesis, Australian National University.  NB: Researched in Canada, South Africa, Botswana and Norway) Julia Wolfson 2013 PDF-Logo
Creative Living: Inside a Community for Children with Autism (PhD thesis, Wright Institute) Judith Schapiro 2009 Awaiting Permission
Camphill Communities in Disparate Socio-Legal Environments: Negotiating Community Life for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Germany and the United States (PhD thesis, University of Hawaii) Janelle Christensen 2005 PDF-Logo
The philosophical analysis of the contribution of Karl Konig to the education of the exceptional child (PhD thesis, University of Southern California) William Dyfrig Evans 1982 Click Here

Central Europe

Title Author Year Link
Karl Koenigs Beitrag zur musiktherapeutischen Arbeit mit Gehoerlosen (MA dissertation, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal) Katarina Seeherr 2016 PDF-Logo
Grundlegendes zur angewandten Eurythmietherapie
für die Arbeit am Bildschirm (MA dissertation)
Elisabeth Holling 2011 PDF-Logo

Northern Europe

Title Author Year Link
The Felicity of a Kitchen Table: Reflections on Common Space within a Residential Social Therapeutic Setting (MA thesis, Rudolf Steiner University College: Oslo) Corinna Balavoine 2013 PDF-Logo
Borderlands: A Study of the Aesthetic-Practical Environment and its Pedagogical and Therapeutic Properties (MA thesis, Stokholm University: Haga Foundation and Kristofferschool) Ruhi Tyson 2011 PDF-Logo