Research Reports

United Kingdom 

Report Title Author Year Link
Back to Bedlam: What kind of future faces people with a learning disability? Robin Jackson 2017 PDF-Logo
The Need for Community: A study of housing for adults with learning disabilities Centre for Social Justice 2016 PDF-Logo
A Diamond in the Rough: Assessing the Value of Equine Assisted Therapy at Camphill Karen McArdle 2016 PDF-Logo
Rethinking Community Care: The Camphill Village Model: A Critical Appraisal Maria Lyons 2015 PDF-Logo
Evaluation of Camphill St Andrew’s Project CELCIS 2015 PDF-Logo
Social Pedagogy: Pilot Project Evaluation Autumn Roesch-Marsh
Sheila Cooper
Steve Kirkwood
2015 PDF-Logo
Who Cares? The impact of ideology, regulation and marketisation on the quality of life of people with an intellectual disability Robin Jackson 2015 PDF-Logo
Researching Camphill: Past, Present and Future Miriam Snellgrove 2013 PDF-Logo
Organisational Resilience in Three Scottish Communities: An Appreciative Enquiry Neil Henery 2013 PDF-Logo
The Comparative Standing of the Camphill Communities in Scotland in the Quality Gradings of the Care Inspectorate Steve Baron 2012 PDF-Logo
Review of Camphill Village Trust Groundswell Partnership 2012 PDF-Logo
Camphill Family and Friends Person Centred Project Evaluation Helen Sanderson Associates 2009 PDF-Logo
A Valued Resource? Understanding the quality of life of children and their families who access Camphill School Aberdeen, with reference to the proposed Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route Roy Brown 2009 PDF-Logo
Communities in Transition: Change and Development in the Camphill Communities in Scotland Andrew Plant 2008 PDF-Logo
Experiences of Community: A Study of the Changing Experience of Community in the Camphill Communities in Scotland Andrew Plant 2007 PDF-Logo
Assessing the spiritual well-being of people living and working within the Aberdeen Camphill Communities John Swinton
Aileen Falconer
Stephanie Brock
2006 PDF-Logo
My Brother, My Sister. A study of the long-term impact of sibling disability on the brothers and sisters within families Margaret Taylor 1999 Click Here

North America 

Report Title Author Year Link
Providing Quality of Life through Intentional Community Living: Outcomes Evaluation for the Camphill AmeriCorps Education Award Program of the Camphill Association of North America Jan Goeschel
Diedra Heitzman
2010 PDF-Logo
Housing Persons with an Intellectual Disability in Intentional Communities: Identifying Relevant Physical and Governance Structures Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2009 PDF-Logo
Cultivating Thinking Hearts: Letters From the Lifesharing Safeguards Project (Camphill Village Kimberton Hills) Helen Zipperlen
John O’Brien
1993 PDF-Logo